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"I am Stormie Leigh. Yes, it is on my birth certificate. I was born and raised in Shelby, AL. At the age of 16, I chased love. After 6 years it broke 2 of my ribs. I was in college. It was after that experience that I realized that life is short and I wasn't happy. Love is a complicated word, but do what you love and you never work a day in your life right? Since I could remember, in my mind, I wanted to make music. So I took a chance. At the time I was a double major in Accounting and Financial Investments. I didn't want to drop out of college at all, but I didn't want to change my major completely either. So I dropped Financial Investments. I now have a Bachelors in Accounting with all my electives in music. 

I released my first EP, Instrumentality, in 2015. In 2016 I went on the road independently and performed at venues around the country trying to learn as much as I could in the process. In 2017, the guy who broke my ribs died. He was hit by a car while riding a bicycle at night. The only thing in his pockets was a picture of me with my name on the back. It had been 5 years since I cut off contact completely. This is why I say love is a complicated word. He hurt me in so many ways, but the door wasn't closed properly and knowing he was gone forever made me realize how much I really did love him. I went into a very dark place for a year and a half. However, going into 2019 I felt different and released my album, "Into The Storm". Not knowing the storm the year 2020 would bring upon the whole world. 2020 brought many challenges, but prepared me to release my latest album called, "Eye Of The Storm". Now I am continuing to do what I love as I find my peace. My music is my story. I hope I can help."


- Stormie Leigh 


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